Children Books

Arun Art is a four-decade-old calendar printing and marketing specialist that has diversified into a soft cover book making company.

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The company conceptualizes, designs, prints, and markets more than 100 exciting and contemporary calendar designs each year.

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Corporate Stationery

Arun Art Printers Pvt. Ltd. specializes in conceptualizing, designing, and printing innovative Corporate Stationery.

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Packaging Boxes

Containment, protection and transportation have been the primary aspects of product packaging.

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About Us

Once upon a time, an entrepreneur from Mumbai - a visionary, a stalwart, sensed an opportunity and ventured into the realms the "printing press" industry, as it was called then. The year was 1962 when he forayed into calendars. By the mid-sixties, Corporates and Business Houses in Mumbai knew him as the "Calendar Man".

Our Services

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