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Containment, protection and transportation have been the primary aspects of product packaging. Over the years, product packaging has moved beyond its functional purpose and now plays a vital role in brand communication and consumer experience. The original packing materials like metals, papers and glasses have given way to technological innovations in Product Packaging Boxes.

At Arun Art, we have established a stronghold in the printing press industry for over five decades. And now we continue the "journey of excellence" by foraying into the packaging industry—we offer Product Packaging Boxes and folded cartons to suit the demands of varied industries.

We help you select the design based on your product, your budget and your business vision. And our high-standard packaging blends functionality and aesthetics to elevate your brand image and increase your sales. Our Product Packaging Boxes and cartons are made of paper board material. Our operational processes also involve stringent quality check and hygiene standards to deliver premium quality and contamination-free packaging.

The process

Analysing the requirement

Before we begin with the production, our team analyses your packaging needs, such as :

  • The type of product
  • The number of Product Packaging Boxes required
  • Your budget for packaging and shipping costs
  • Your product marketing and launch schedule


Measuring the product packaging boxes

We measure the product and then decide the box dimensions (internal length, breadth and depth). Box sizes affect the material, production and shipping costs.

Type of product packaging

We offer packaging in folded cartons made out of paper board material


Selecting the type of printing

You can choose from these three types of printing options for your Printed Packaging Boxes and Folded Cartons :

  • Offset Printing : This printing process uses ink which renders rich and high-quality image printing and is ideal for mass-production.
  • Digital Printing : This process is faster and affordable but doesn't produce the same image quality as offset printing.
  • Flexography Printing : This printing process is inexpensive compared to offset and digital printing. Flexography printing can be done on a large scale. However, the colour quality may not match the other two types of printing.

Customised packaging

Our creative team of designers and illustrators backed by state-of-the-art packaging technology can provide various customisation choices. From eye-catching graphics, printed product details, embossed brand logs to gloss, matte or spot UV coating finishes, die-cutting, window cutouts, perforation and other packaging features; we can provide Printed Packaging Boxes including Printed Folded Cartons for multiple products.

With our comprehensive packaging solutions, we promise:

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive price
  • Top-class operational hygiene standards


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