Our Management

Managing Director, Founder

After obtaining a commerce degree from University of Bombay, Mr. Arun Shah started his career in 1962 as a first generation entrepreneur marketing calendars for Sivakasi based printers. In 1975, he sensed an opportunity to set up his own printing press and invested in a few machines at our Sion facility. By the mid-sixties, Corporates and Business Houses in Mumbai knew him as the “Calendar Man”.

With nearly five of decades of experience in the printing industry, he is recognized and respected by the printing fraternity for his contributions and represents various industry committees across diverse forums.

He continues to lead the organization towards the “Journey of Excellence” by articulating our growth strategy.


Along with a B. Com from Mumbai University, Mr. Keyur Shah completed a Diploma in Offset Printing Technology from the London School of Printing. He continues to exchange ideas with some of the celebrated personalities from the printing fraternity the world over.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of supervising and production of printed materials. He lends technical excellence and guidance to the organization.


Mr. Biren Shah is a B.Com from the Mumbai University. Thanks to his exceptional number crunching and people management skills, he was drawn towards business at an early age. He soon took over the Finance and Administration functions of the group and steadily worked towards expanding operations in the international markets like US and Europe.

Today, with over 15 years of experience in the Print Marketing and Management space, he continues to expand the company’s global footprint.

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